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Music Theory – Helper

Music Links


Fiddler on the Roof

Sloop John-B


Irving Berlin Medley 1 –

Scarborough Fair and Sounds of Silence –

Hallelujah –

Down to the River to Pray

I’m Gonna Sing

HMS Pinafore Finale

Circle of Life

Hakuna Matata

John Denver

West Side Story


A Gershwin Portrait – Medley 6 (Gershwin in Love)

Phantom of the Opera Medley Ed Lojeski

Lennon/McCartney Medley 2

Dance the Cachucha – Gilbert and Sullivan

Les Miserables, arranged by Ed Lojeski

A Gershwin Portrait – Medley 3 (Swing Set)

Training Links

I don’t know how to read music. This can appear to be a more daunting problem than it actually is. With some basic information and experience (i.e. practice), and use of the rehearsal tracks, you will soon develop enough knowledge to navigate through the musical scores provided (and even experienced choir members still have to ask question from time to time). Here are some helpful web pages and You Tube videos.

  1. Music theory lessons – This website has a number of lessons and activities that cover the basics. Included in these is one explaining the differences in British and American terminology (e.g. crotchet = quarter note, which is useful as some resources use American terminology while we use British terminology).
  2. How to Read Music (for singers!) – This is a short (just over 6 minutes) You Tube video. It is entertaining and informative (though it uses American terminology and only covers the Treble Clef).
  3. How to Read Music In 15 Minutes – This a slightly longer and more comprehensive introduction (including covering the Bass Clef). He is dealing with piano music but almost all of it is relevant for singers.

When you are ready to move on to something a bit more advanced, try:

There are a lot of these types of basic lessons posted on the web and You Tube so feel free to explore!

Music Theory: Workbook 1 & Workbook 2

Basic Music Theory: Some Simple Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

Choral Warm Ups –

Vocal Warmup Exercises –

Daily exercises for an awesome voice alternative –

Vocal Warmups for Male Singers – EricArceneaux

Opening Up the Voice –

Increasing Range –

Improving Vocal Tone –

Strengthening the Voice –

Professional Vocal Warmup – Lindsey Bair

Vocal warmup and workout for men –