Music Links

Down to the River to Pray

I’m Gonna Sing

HMS Pinafore Finale

Circle of Life

Hakuna Matata

John Denver

West Side Story


A Gershwin Portrait – Medley 6 (Gershwin in Love)

Phantom of the Opera Medley Ed Lojeski

Lennon/McCartney Medley 2

Dance the Cachucha – Gilbert and Sullivan

Les Miserables, arranged by Ed Lojeski

A Gershwin Portrait – Medley 3 (Swing Set)

Training Links


Music Theory: Workbook 1 & Workbook 2


Choral Warm Ups –

Vocal Warmup Exercises –

Daily exercises for an awesome voice alternative –

Vocal Warmups for Male Singers – EricArceneaux

Opening Up the Voice –

Increasing Range –

Improving Vocal Tone –

Strengthening the Voice –

Professional Vocal Warmup – Lindsey Bair

Vocal warmup and workout for men –