Meet the Committee

On the 25th of July, Serenata Singers held its Annual General Meeting. With a good attendance, all office bearer nominations were declared duly elected by unanimous vote.• President John McCollow• Secretary Gloria Allen-Ross• Treasurer Nola Collins• Librarian Marilynn Reville• PR Officer Ken McKeon• Concert Booking Officer Desleigh Byrne• Choir Representatives Paul Beckmann and Ray Wiseman …

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Regis The Gap Concert

On 14 December, the Serenata Singers paid a second visit, by invitation, to the Regis Aged Care faciltiy in The Gap. Again, all went well with many residents joining our chorus.

Serenata Christmas Social Photo Gallery

On Friday 04 December, the Serenata Singers came together again for our Annual Social. With each others company to enjoy, all well organised and guided by our President John McCollow, and with entertainment provided through quizzes and members performing, the night passed very quickly. The gallery below will give you a peek!!


The Serenata Singers community group has again provided some much-valued celebration in song for a group of residents at AVEO Newmarket on Sunday 17 October. We, as a group, provide opportunities to perform short one hour concerts for Community Groups, particularly at Age Care Facilities. With our elderly being particularly vulnerable, our numbers were limited …



The Gap Serenata Singers have, like everyone else, had their share of disappointments in cancellation after cancellation of concerts for community groups. The group has been active for more than 50 years engaging with the community. A large part of their existence has been to provide concerts for community groups, particularly Aged Care facilities. The …


Open Night 2021

Make 2021 the year you take your singing beyond the confines of the driving seat of your car or your shower stall. The Serenata Singers, a community choir based in The Gap, is holding an Open Night at 7.30pm on Monday 22 February in the auditorium of The Gap Uniting Church, 1050 Waterworks Road. This …

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