Voices of Remembrance

As part of our usual gala concert this year, we have joined with many other choirs in supporting the Queensland Music Festival’s Voices of Remembrance (see QMF Site).  Leading up to our concert on the 4th November various members of the choir were interviewed by the ABC.  Lois spoke with Rebecca Levingstone and Craig Zonca (I’ll try and add the link here), followed by Lois, Desleigh and Ian talking with Sheridan in the afternoon (link to be added here too!)

Finally we were lucky enough to be featured on the Saturday morning list of the 4th November, by Loretta Ryan (See here: Loretta’s morning show, slip to 1:14:30 to hear a recording of our practice session recorded by Peter from the ABC the previous week).

It’s all as part of the Queensland-wide voices of Remembrance festival commemorating and celebrating the armistice at the end of World War 1.

I’ll add a report on the Concert in a day or so when I get some photos!

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