50th Anniversary Update

Well, our May celebration has been postponed, but that gives a bit more time to organise a truly memorable commemoration. We know that some members have been looking through the names of past members posted on the website.

STOP PRESS: We have now updated the list (latest update 16 May) and expect to have further revisions ready in the near future. The revised list is here. We are also putting together a “personal memories” page that contains memories and comments from past and current members. Why not add yours? The page is accessible here, but will be updated as new contributions arrive.

If you have done so and can report on what you have found out about those on the list (especially if you have contact details), please provide this information ASAP.

We would also be especially pleased to hear from any former members who are visiting our site.

We need to start collecting “stories”. Members and former members are asked to provide the following information about themselves and to ask any other former members that they know to do likewise:

  1. What years were you a member of Serenata Singers?
  2. What part (soprano, alto, tenor bass) did you sing?
  3. What is your favourite song sung by the choir in your time?
  4. Do you have a “story” or “anecdote” from your time in the choir?
  5. Please provide a comment on your experience in the choir.

You can send the answers to serenatasingersthegap@gmail.com (let us know if you want to remain anonymous). Meanwhile, if you are looking for a way to pass some time pleasantly, have a browse (or re-browse) of the photo compilation on the website history page (here).