Meet the Committee

On the 25th of July, Serenata Singers held its Annual General Meeting. With a good attendance, all office bearer nominations were declared duly elected by unanimous vote.
• President John McCollow
• Secretary Gloria Allen-Ross
• Treasurer Nola Collins
• Librarian Marilynn Reville
• PR Officer Ken McKeon
• Concert Booking Officer Desleigh Byrne
• Choir Representatives Paul Beckmann and Ray Wiseman

Thanks to Sue Edwards and Suzanne Quintner who move onto other duties. Of course, the Committee includes our musical team with Director – Lois Cutmore, Assistant Director – Jenni Mersiades, and Accompanist – Alison Siemon. At this AGM, Lois announced that she would not be continuing in her role next year as she seeks other goals in retirement. We wish her well, but she leaves a large hole to fill. Committee is now actively seeking a new Musical Director (see the ad elsewhere on this site). If you know of anyone who may be interested in the position, please contact our Secretary or President at

2022 AGM in mid election
A very welcome supper post AGM