Serenata Singers Score Ellendale Neighbourhood Grant!

(excerpt from media release issued by the Ellendale Neighbourhood Grants Program.)

A range of community groups across Brisbane’s north-west have received funding as part of publicly-listed developer Cedar Woods Properties third annual Ellendale Neighbourhood Grants Program.

Choir group, the Serenata Singers, who, through the power of voice, have enriched the lives of local seniors by performing at aged care facilites, along with a range of community events, received a $1000 grant.

The Serenata Singers perform at a number of hostels, retirement villages, schools, churches and Brisbane events. The 50-strong choir, with a four-part harmony, shows no signs of slowing down – with many members in their seventies.

Cedar Woods Senior Development Manager, Peter Starr, said the Ellendale Neighbourhood Grants submissions were a stand-out this year.

“This year we’ve had more submissions than previous years, and although it was challenging to judge the winners, we are honoured to showcase the ongoing efforts of the fantastic groups in our local community,” he said.

Desleigh Byrne, who has been part of the Serenata Singers for 10 years, said the funding would go toward the purchase of new sheet music to expand the group’s repertoire.

“Our goal is to ensure the seniors are always entertained, and we hope they’ll get a real kick out of some exciting new tunes we will be rehearsing thanks to this amazing opportunity,” she said.

“We are so grateful to have received this grant and believe every little bit counts in order for us to keep doing what we love for as long as we possibly can.

“There are so many benefits to what we do, not only do we come together in a social setting and have fun with our friends but in turn get the chance to entertain seniors and see the smiles on their faces.

“Music and singing is a very powerful form of therapy and we have seen a number dementia patients who will mouth the words to the songs they remember and become responsive to the music by tapping their feet and picking up the rhythm.

“It warms our hearts to be able to continue performing, and without Cedar Woods we wouldn’t have been able to expand our sheet music and keep our show fresh.”