Serenata Singers Entertain Regis

During November, the Serenata Singers were invited to sing at two Regis Aged Care facilities, namely The Gap and Ferny Grove. On both occasions, an appreciative audience enjoyed the varied repertoire of the Singers and were observed singing along during a number of items, especially the Sing-a-Long with old favourites that are very familiar to an older set. We needed to be early as Regis is very cautious about inviting outsiders in as a means of protecting their residents in these times of pandemic. No matter, we were able to entertain ourselves as warm-up for the main event.

“Matchmaker” for the Ladies

In our more recent concerts, our musical directors have encouraged members to present solos and accompanied acts. We have had some willing members and others who we have encouraged, but all have again been appreciated by audiences and choir (they do give us a break).  In Regis The Gap, the additional program acts included an a cappella ballad and a trio of an old Scottish folk song while at Regis Ferny Grove, the residents were treated to “Amazing Grace”, “The Blue Danube” and the introduction of Fiddler on the Roof before being joined by the choir. The residents joined us in classics such as “Pack Up Your Troubles” and “I Belong to Glasgow”.

“Amazing Grace” with Beverley

That is not the end of our concert presentations. Keep an eye out for us as we start our Christmas repertoire. This might be again in a facility, or you might see us in the shopping centres (The Gap on December 18) or joining with Samford Choir (in Samford on 04 December) to entertain and raise  Christmas spirits.

Of course, if you would like to join us, we would love your company. Please contact us at or view our website at

Ken McKeon

PR Serenata Singers