Information for On-line Get-together 25 May

Hope you are as excited about this event as I am. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The get-together will start at 7.30pm on Monday, 25 May on Zoom.
  • You will receive an email invitation. It will have a link to the meeting (which you click on) and a meeting ID and password that you will need to enter when prompted. Ian Symes has provided both a simple guide for beginners and a more detailed guide (developed for his woodworking group) for those who want to know more about Zoom. Additionally, you can email Ian if you have not used Zoom before and have questions, or ring him on 0424 290 056 if you have difficulties on the night.
  • Jenni will be taking us through some breathing and stretching exercises and revising some very simple music theory on note values and rhythms. She has provided a sheet that would be useful to print out prior to the session.
  • Lois will then take us through a sing-a-long of Waters of Babylon (the Don McLean version), which can be sung as a round. Remember, everyone but Lois will be muted so you can sing at the top of your voice and not embarrass yourself. Lois has provided a sheet with the lyrics (and which includes a link to Don McLean singing it on You Tube), which would be good to print out before the session.
  • Ian will do a quick introduction on how to find your way around Zoom and will close off (if there’s time) with a short Q and A session.

Obviously, there will be a few “teething problems”, but this should be fun.